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Welcome to The Naked Ape

The Naked Ape Is You!

The modern representation of evolutionary man, the upright incarnation of our furry brothers and sisters who still live in the jungles of the world today.

Naked Ape is a natural healthy high protein paleo snack made from biltong, dried fruits, nuts and seeds – that’s it, nothing more nothing less. No messing about with additives, chemicals or flavourings, we simply put together great tasting natural whole foods for you to enjoy and put them in an easy to carry long life packet. A balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats to help fuel your journey, where ever it may take you!

Have a look around to find out more about us, and visit our store where we are selling a selection of paleo snacks to help you feed the primal inside. All of our high protein paleo snacks are wheat and gluten free and are Paleo and Zone friendly.

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