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New Years Resolutions - How to succeed

Many of us start the New Year with a long list of resolutions and are enthusiastic and determined to see them through this time, this is going to be the year! But how many of us actually stick to our plans and what are the main reasons we fail?


Choose your goals wisely:

One of the first mistakes most people make is that they choose too many goals, you end up with a list of about 20 different things you would like to try and do. Whilst it’s great to want to make so many positive changes to our lives it can sometimes be overwhelming to have so many. Doing so does not allow you to focus enough on each specific goal and you are less likely to achieve it any of them. Instead pick fewer targets to aim for ensuring you can give the maximum amount of effort possible to each one, increasing your chances of success.




Make sure your goals are specific:

A goal needs to be specific, achievable and measurable and should also have some sort of time frame attached to it. Too often people list losing weight/body fat or getting fit as their goals but they don’t have any particular specifics or time frames attached to them, meaning that focus can be easily lost. Instead a better goal might be to lose 5kg/10% body fat, or to improve your Fran time by 60 seconds over the next 6 months. This way you have a specific end goal and a deadline that you can measure your progress against.

Have a plan:

It sounds simple but so many of us set out to achieve something with no clear game plan about how we are going to achieve the end result. How are you going to lose that 5kg/10% bf, and how are you going to take those 60 seconds off your Fran time? Make a plan that fits with the timeline and stick to it.

Dont get disheartened: 

Frustration can easily set in when we don’t see those instant results and we can lose focus and motivation. But remember, it more than likely took us a number of years of bad habits to get to where we are now so you are not going to reverse the effects of those overnight. In your plan build in some measurement points to keep your motivation up and break each main goal into smaller targets. Each month aim to take 10 seconds off your time or lose 1kg/2% bf, that way you can also make adjustments where necessary to help achieve your goal.

Get help and involve others:

Everything is easier with the help and support of those around you so let them know what you are doing, they might even want to join in. And if you are struggling with how to go about attaining your goals then seek the knowledge and help of those that can support you, your coach, your PT, your nutritionist, your friendly Naked Ape(!) or anyone else that can point you in the right direction.

Make it visual and tangible:

Having a visual reminder of you plan is a great way to keep that motivation and focus up when times get hard. Take pictures, keep a wall chart or if you are super organised keep a log on a spreadsheet of how you are doing and print out a weekly update to pin on the wall.


This may sound a bit silly but imagine what things will be like when you have achieved your goals - how will you feel / look, what will you have achieved? What new skill will you have learned?. If one of your goals is to learn or get better at a particular skill, visualise yourself doing it, if it’s to lose some weight, visualise the new version of yourself with your changed physique, if it’s to get stronger imagine yourself pulling that double bodyweight dead lift off the floor with great form. This will help give you a real sense of motivation and keep you focused on the goals you are trying to achieve.





Don’t give up if you fall behind:

We all have slip ups and you will have a bad day when that piece of (or whole) cake finds its way to your mouth, or you dont make a PB on a lift in the gym! Don’t beat yourself up about it, learn a lesson from it, remember how you felt about it and use this as motivation to keep moving forwards. Also making a list of anything that might get in your way and how you will overcome it can be a helpful reminder and help you get through those tough times.


So it's a simple as that! 

Have an excellent Christmas and a successful New Year.

T-Bone and the Naked Ape team.


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